Adult Karate

Ages 14-200

adults martial arts barron, wiOur Adult Karate class is an awesome class built especially for those who want to challenge their minds and bodies and earn the honor of becoming a Black Belt.  This class moves at a pace that will challenge each student, but caters to each person’s abilities so as to make becoming a Black Belt a completely attainable goal for everyone.   We will be spending our class time working on all the fundamentals of traditional Okinawan Karate and moving through the requirements for each belt level.  This class welcomes new students of all ages (you’re never too old to start!) and of every ability level. If you have had training in another style or discipline, this class will be a great addition to your Martial Arts repertoire, and we will help you make the transition as seamlessly as possible.  Our adult class has a very positive environment and all the students have fun and work together to make sure every person reaches their full potential.  This class is offered at both the Barron and Hayward locations.

Family Karate

All ages

adult martial arts barron, wiThis class is for the students who would otherwise be in separate classes who would like to train together.  This can be for families, for friends who want to be in the same class, for anyone who’s scheduling prohibits them from attending classes at another time.

We offer this class to expand the options available to our students.  We find that when families train together, the benefit increases exponentially.

This class covers empty hand techniques up to Intermediate Level, and advanced information will be covered as time allows. We recommend that our Advanced family class students take part in appropriate Advanced level classes.

This class is currently offered in the Barron, Chetek, & Minong locations.

Self Defense & Awareness Training

adults martial arts barron, wiMaster Lloyd Brown is the area’s leading expert on Self Defense and Awareness techniques.  He has a vast knowledge on the subject through many years of working as a bouncer and in security, along with a lifetime of Martial Arts training and many varieties of self defense training.  He continues to increase this knowledge through seminars and training, to be able to bring you the most complete training available.

Brown’s Karate Academy periodically offers classes and seminars on subjects ranging from children’s Stranger Danger to women’s Self Defense, and everything in between.  We also offer specialized training for your business or group, where we cater the class to your unique situation and concerns.

We believe that everyone can benefit from learning to protect oneself and loved ones, and in this day and age, awareness training is more important than ever!