Q. My child is already wild, and sometimes even violent.  Won’t teaching them how to punch and kick only give them more tools to act this way and possibly hurt others?

Q. Karate is so violent. It’s just about beating people up.

Q. Isn’t Martial Arts about religion? I mean, all that bowing and meditation and stuff…

Q. I’m too old…

Q. I’m too out of shape, or I have a bad back, knee, etc…

Q. My child is too young.

Q. I don’t want my child to beat up other kids.

Q. I don’t have time.

Q. It’s too hard, I can’t learn all that stuff.

Q. I’m too uncoordinated to do karate.

Q. My child is into sports, he doesn’t have time for this. Karate is not a real sport anyway!

Q. Is rank really important? I just saw some guy who had 5 – 12th Degree Black Belts, he must be REALLY awesome!

Q. Isn’t this Tae Kwon Do?

Q. Don’t you have to go overseas to learn ‘Real Martial Arts’?

Q. It takes too long to earn a Black Belt!

Q. It’s too expensive, I can’t afford it.

Q. Do I have to start at a certain time of year?

Q. What if I go on vacation or need to take some time off?

Q. Will I be able to do all those cool things like Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and the Ninja Turtles?

Q. Can you help me channel my inner Chuck Norris?

Q. Do you do ‘real karate’? That stuff would never work in real life!

Q. Will I get to use ‘numchucks’???

Q. Once I get my Black Belt, I will know it all, right? What else is there?

Q. I have more questions, now what?