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Brown’s Karate Academy


martial arts instruction barron, wiBrown’s Karate Academy is the area’s Oldest and Most Experienced Professional Martial Arts School, owned by one of the Highest Ranking Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts Instructors in Wisconsin, 7th Degree Master Lloyd A. Brown.

We pride ourselves in consistently providing superior, quality instruction in a positive, fun, and family-centered environment. It is our goal to provide every one of our students an individualized experience that will provide them with the skills that will help them be successful in LIFE!


martial arts barron, wi

We are proud to provide our students with world class Character Development and Martial Arts Instruction. We offer a complete range of Martial Arts and Weaponry classes for all ages and experience levels. We offer classes beginning at age 3, and have a variety of class times available to accommodate even the most busy schedules. Our classes are divided by specific ages and experience levels because our experience has shown that this is the best way to ensure that each of our students receives the best training possible!

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Our Story

karate barron, wi

We take great care to cater our classes so that each student gets the maximum benefit from their training. Each of our classes is divided into age groups that will ensure their training is appropriate to their age and abilities.

We have found, through our years of experience teaching martial arts to children and adults, that dividing the classes in such a fashion is the best way to make sure that no student gets lost in the shuffle or that any are not being challenged enough.

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You have questions?

Q. Karate is so violent. It’s just about beating people up.

A. In fact, Karate is just the opposite. It is about learning how to NOT have to use violence.

Isn’t Martial Arts about religion? I mean, all that bowing and meditation and stuff…

A. Martial Arts is not about religion. Bowing is about respect, meditation is to clear your mind from all the ‘junk’ floating around in your head so you can be the most ready to learn. We do not teach any religious material of any sort.

I’m too old…

A. Martial Arts is one physical activity that is truly timeless.

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